Media Representations.

We create an image of a country and peoples culture from what we read and see in the news. As we don’t live in Serbia we can only believe what we hear in the news, but there is no confirmation that this is the true representation of Serbia. The same process is applied for people living in Serbia thinking what life is like in the United Kingdom. Foucault’s theory about the continuous cycle of discourse is applied in this context, as the news on both sides is always repetitive as we are focused on believing that this one belief is the truth due to the discourse.

After having a brief look at the guardian newspaper online compared to the Press Online, which is a Serbian newspaper, I identified that Serbia portray their own country as a “good home town” as the most common news stories were related to the weather or about the congestion on the roads. However when I looked at their news about the rest of the world it starts to show more serious issues. So it showed that they are trying to portray their own country to be the perfect place however this may not be the case as it could be a completely different story when being in Serbia. But we will read this and believe this as being an outsider we crate the image from what we read of what Serbia is like.

Looking at the Guardian newspaper of the news in Serbia it shows many headings of the feuds going on in Serbia. Whether it is about football or about the wars. This is the only news we hear about Serbia so we will look at it as a place that is deadly to go to when matter in fact there is much more to Serbia that we don’t know about as we are not educated through the news about the reality of living in Serbia. This is the information I took from both papers after a quick glance. But to understand more into the discourse on both sides I will continuously keep up to date with the news and learn more about the Serbian culture.

Media Representations.

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