Charlotte Jones: Theatre & Representations of Media in Belgrade

Musical Theatre is an important part of my life and the chosen topic for my dissertation. 380MC has given me the opportunity to experience a different culture of musical theatre therefore for my specialist research in Serbia I have chosen to explore into the musical theatre scene.

There is one theatre in Belgrade, Serbia the Terazije Theatre, which is the only musical theatre in the region. The Terazije Theatre was first opened in 1949 and since then has had a series of name changes and reconstructions. In 2005 the doors re-opened and since then the Terazije Theatre has hosted many well-known Boadway shows such as; Chicago, Grease, West Side Story and Cabaret.

The theatre is an integral part of Serbian life. The Terazije Theatre even has a national Theatre day December 23rd. Alongside the importance to the Serbian nationals the Terazije theatre is used to attract people into Serbian life.

Musical theatre is an important part of Serbian Culture, even so far to say that they like using American influences like Broadway musicals and directors Chet Walker in order to produce successful and crowd capturing performances. Walker has carried out several workshops in Belgrade at the Terazije Theatre and in 2013 ran a 10-day workshop for professional non-institutional dance students. At the end of the workshop they were awarded the Jacob’s Pillow School certificate of a masters’ level of education in the field of musical theatre, and two scholarships for The Jacob’s Pillow Summer School 2014. This workshop alone demonstrates how culturally important the musical theatre is to Serbia.

One of the most famous musical stage performers to come out of Serbia is Slobodan Stefanovic, born in 1977. The demand for him to be part of Serbia’s biggest musical theatre grew so great that he had to relocate from Novi Sad to Belgrade. The Terazije Theatre helped to further Slobodan’s career and he has even lend his voice to some of Disney’s finest Serbian translation films.

In order to move forward with this research I will contact both the theatre and several of the actors that work there to see if they will answer some questions about how the theatre operates, why they produce Broadway shows on their stage and why the theatre is so important to Serbian everyday culture. The theatre group Ludum Ludum Troupe has connections with the Terazije theratre, specifically Teodora Ristovski, I will try to contact her.

Here is a link to all of the musicals that have been produced and performed at the Terazije Theatre.

Film in Serbia ( offers locations that are available in Serbia to film in. The Terazije Theatre is one of the locations listed on this website, but this could be of use to others. Another website that might be of use is The website contains popular tourist buildings and site information.

Finally this festival might offer great insight into how important the arts are to Serbian Culture:

Charlotte Jones: Theatre & Representations of Media in Belgrade

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