The economy politics of Serbia

In 2008, Kosovo announced Serbia is independent, and Serbia will integrate the Europe.


Because of the impact from the war, the economy is very low last a very long time, and the government tried to change the economic policy to improve the economy. Others, due to the Serbia is preparing to join in the EU, the economy grow up with a high-speed. However, according to the Davos World Economic Forum, ‘2008-2009 Global Competitiveness Report’, Serbia is 85th in all 134 countries.


Serbia is managed by Democratic Party, Progress Party, Radical Party and others are 21 parties. From 2012 to 2014, there are lots of vote to decide which party will manage the Serbia. In the end, the Progress Party will lead the Serbia to develop.


The Serbia new government appeared, the development and reform of economy become the most important thing in the nationwide. However, there are three factor to restrict the development the Serbia, that are the high deficit, lack the point to grow the economic and lack of domestic demand. In order to solve the problem, the government took the measure. At first, promote the development of relevant reform bill, eliminate corruption, attracting investment and creating a favorable market environment. Then, by encouraging the development of SMEs, cuts in public administration personnel to promote private sector development. Third, fiscal consolidations, cut costs, make the government more money to create new jobs, promote education, health and infrastructure, improving the people’s live standards.

The economy politics of Serbia

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