One of the biggest challenges we face when investigating any culture as outsiders is the identification of the centre. It’s all too easy to be drawn to the extraordinary, the liminal, characters and stories that sit on the periphery of normality within a society. It is crucial to grasp some sense of what the norm actually is, in order to avoid the pitfalls of fixating on that which is not representative of the majority’s ideals. As outsiders, locating the centre could prove be a close to impossible endeavor, having little to no true emotional and social connections to the subjects we observe. In addition, as researchers concerning ourselves with cultural and social fields we are often naturally inclined to locate the under-represented and the alternative.

Though we may never experience the same connection with a space as its native inhabitants, we can potentially understand it to a greater extent through the consumption of its cultural exports, social phenomenon and an adequate understanding of its history.

This category will link back to some of our findings from our preliminary research on Serbia’s culture, including artists, academics, events and exports: Most of which can be located within of contemporary Serbian society, or linked to its respective history.


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