Scrapbook #1 – BOOGIE

Born and raised in Belgrade and having spent his youth within 90’s Serbia ‘under Milosevic’s leadership, Vladimir Milivojevich developed a career as a street-photographer influenced by his local surroundings and the changes they went through. Now based in the states as a commercial photographer, Boogie often returns to his routes in Belgrade as a source for inspiration.

Images taken from Boogie’s blog, find them here


In my search for a more aesthetic representation of Serbia, I searched through Flickr and other photo sharing sites to see the country through the eyes of its homegrown photographers and visual artists, Boogie is one of several artists that has gained recognition as an influential member of the photographic community.

As an enthusiast for photography myself I’ve grown to appreciate his and similar works on a number of levels. Initially I was drawn to them for their technical expertise and distinct image, but as I learn more about Serbia I start to see these photos as an honest and indigenous portrayal of what they see. As Bazin and Vertov emphasized in their works, the camera and the image reflect the user’s perspective and mindset, creating not only a visual artform but a snapshot in time.

Boogie updates the blog on his official website frequently, largely consisting of his inspirations, and shots from his returning visits to Belgrade. Having come across his portfolio I intend to find additional photographers that showcase what might be considered ‘centre’ life in contemporary Serbia.

Scrapbook #1 – BOOGIE

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