3D film in Serbia

The movie appeared in 1890s, and recently there has been a revival in 3D film popularity the first being James Cameron’s Ghosts of the Abyss which was released as the first full-length 3-D IMAX feature filmed with the Reality Camera System. This camera system used the latest HD video cameras, not film, and was built for Cameron by Emmy nominated Director of Photography Vince Pace, to his specifications. The same camera system was used to film Spy Kids 3D: Game Over (2003), Aliens of the Deep IMAX (2005), and The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D (2005). However, the first 3D movie in the world is “The power of love” in 1922 which was lost in the past. The first thought about the 3D is from Charles Whiston who is the Scientist in British and he invented the 3D glasses and now, we need wear the 3D glasses when watching the 3D movie.

If we ask a person that which movie is the first 3D movie, the answer must is the “Avatar”. This movie is very famous in 2009, and it shooting from 2007 and used $237,000,000. We can find at that time, Serbia is in the war and everyone tries to alive. In that situation, who can do the research about the 3D films and I think that was the main reason leads to the late development about the 3D technology. In 2008, the Serbia announced independence and after that, everything develops very fast and some 3D companies built up and do the 3D technology.

Miljenko Prohaska, Owner, 3D-CADDIT D.O.O.

Company 3D-CADDIT d.o.o. is the leading supplier and developer of 3D TECHNOLOGIES in (Serbia and Kosovo), where we are constantly initiating newest technologies and developing innovative complete solutions in world’s standards. We are researching and developing capabilities of newest technologies and processes’ efficacy on our own developmental projects and challenges. To markets of the entire SEE region we are thus implementing the processes of 3D technologies usage for faster, easier, more effective and more quality development of new products in different fields of human activities, from automotive, casting, naval, education, modelling, to rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing, CAD/CAM/CAE, as well as GIS and AEC.

“3D Impulse” Laboratory

“3D Impulse” Laboratory is a scientific research unit of the Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo, which deals with the application of digital technologies to develop new products.

The laboratory was established in the within the project “Innovation Management for New Products”, known by the acronym “IMPulse”, funded by the European Commission (with the amount of € 966,624), the City of Kraljevo (with the amount 3,500,000 dinars) and City of Cacak (the amount of 3,000,000 dinars). The project was implemented in the period 2011-2013:

Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo University of Kragujevac,
Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Bologna,
Regional Chamber of Commerce Kraljevo,
Municipality Kraljevo and
Regional Centre for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises from Krusevac
Rezultate projekta „IMPuls“ nadgradila su dva projekta koje je podržao USAID Projekat održivog lokalnog razvoja (vrednosti 38.000$ i 5.000$) kojima su podignuti kapaciteti Laboratorije za promociju i permanentno obrazovanje u oblasti digitalnih tehnologija za razvoj proizvoda.

The results of the project “Impulse” upgraded two projects supported by the USAID Sustainable Local Development Program (worth $ 38,000 and 5000 $) which raised the capacity of laboratories for the promotion and continuing education in the field of digital technologies for product development.


“3D Impulse” Laboratory stimulates innovation and increases the competitiveness of the economy and its environment promoting and applying digital technologies for new product development.


“3D Impulse” Laboratory accomplish with companies by realizing a multitude of small projects which helps continuous development of new and improvement of existing products. The laboratory is a center that provides a common education, consulting and development services to companies that individually would not be able to afford the use of modern technical achievements.


From the independence to now, the Serbia experience 7 years, and everything becomes better. In 2014, they even get the first 3D movie and faster than lots of countries.


Another 3D video System, established in 1990,http://www.filminserbia.com/Rentals/1376/3D-video-Systems.shtml

3D Professionals in Serbia: https://services.creativecow.net/country/Serbia/3D

3D film in Serbia

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