interview to Uros Petrovic

The first 3D film was finished in 09/09/2014, and published in 23/12/2014. That was the first 3D film in Serbia.


First Serbian 3D film “The Fifth Butterfly” will be shown on Tuesday, December 23, at the Sava Center. This is also the first 3D projection in the Sava Center in which there has been no such projection because of the lack of adequate equipment. For this occasion, the producer of “Delta Video” has provided the highest quality 3D canvas of 200m2 and 3D projector, the latest generation (4K). Existing sound Sava Center will be enhanced and improved special bodywork.

Our renowned writer, photographer, designer and illustrator Uros Petrovic , the author of the novel ” The fifth Butterfly “by which the film was made, this time is shared with us the impressions and information on the film.

When and how the idea was born of the realization of the film?

The idea originated in the production house “Delta Video” in February this year. (It’s a wonder the same year and the prime minister!) When you have decided that, after a quarter century of existence and distribution company, record your movie, inquired on the most read children’s books. How did I at that time had five titles on the bestseller list, they came to the novel “The fifth butterfly” and to me. The conditions we agreed to a few hundredths of a second – and, for me, the adventure of making his first 3D film in Serbia could begin …

What was cooperation with the film crew and what are your impressions of the shooting?

It turns out that they are engaged professionals, top artists and professionals. Directed by Milorad Milinkovic, starring Misha Janketić, Tanja Boskovic, Marko Nikolic, Ljubomir Bandović … Also, children who were first starred in the film have done a superb job. I tried to not a lot of them do not interrupt. I just enjoyed the fact that I am part of the spell. When it is estimated that my involvement can contribute to the quality, I was there. Especially I enjoyed spending time with the team while shooting scenes on the mountain Tara, where magic and adventure or implied.

How long did the recording?

Just shooting lasted thirty days, which is really unusual for such a demanding story and technology. Of course, complex preparation and more complex postproduction lasted ten months, which is also very effective for this kind of film. Belgrade Delta video (with the wholehearted support of the Zagreb Alka film) actually turned out to be a serious, dedicated producer.

Can you tell us more about the process of making a 3D movie?

First, it is recorded with cameras that are quite different. How can Serbia does, arrived from Croatian, along with three other truck accessories. In layman’s terms, it is a combination of two superb camera which can record on-site combined through special mirrors. Think about this plant widest variety of film equipment that fit into three trucks and fifty members of the team, and you will have somewhat true picture of the shooting. It is, therefore, a true 3D movie, filmed without technological compromises. It’s done and forty CGI (special) effects. This far exceeds anything that has so far been done by us. The audience at the premiere in Sava Center will inevitably attend an important moment in the history of Serbian cinema.

Film “The Fifth Butterfly” is announced as Serbian “Avatar”, whether it’s a sign that they moved the border in the film industry, and what do you think of contemporary Serbian film?

Limits and serve so that we know when we’ve moved. Film “The Fifth butterfly” is definitely a shift these borders for Serbian cinematography, and it visibly and luxurious. Shooting in 3D technology has not only served as a toy, but these new opportunities are exploited to the maximum, meaningful reason. Viewers will be offered three dimensions of the image, without any simplification of the film process.

As you seem novel to the screen? Is the film met your expectations?

I am the advocate in a fully immersive movie, full of adventures heard in the dark theater speakers – because I did not watch the entire film before the premiere. What I saw, it looks very fairy tale, every scene is a kind visual experience in which you enjoy. It’s no wonder, when you consider that the director of photography was Miki Trajkovic, who devoted loves and knows what works. And of course, I did not want to deny yourself the priceless moments of anticipation.

Multiple award-winning author you, if there is a reward that you would emphasize?

I have a special relationship with it, otherwise I think every day award. From konvenconalnih Prize for Literature are my favorite three “Dositejís pen” that I got, because this award recognizes a jury composed exclusively of children. I love the award of the dragon, children’s games, “Rade Obrenovic” (I got it twice) which is the counterpart of NIN award in the world of culture for children. From award for photography, in addition to those given by the magazine “National Geographic”, I would point out first place in the competition Wrigley since the award was no small – a new car with full equipment.

interview to Uros Petrovic

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