Serbian Radio


It is very early to build a Radio station in Serbia, it started in Sept 19th, 1924. The first radio station tried to broadcast the program an hour a day and third a week. After that, the Serbia radio became a part of World Broadcasting. Have to say, this radio station is only later than BBC in Britain about 2 years, and earlier than Radio Tokyo and Radio Moscow a year. So it is not too behind some of the established countries in the world in Radio.

The first radio station in Serbia named “Rakovica”, it broadcasted the songs, articles from the famous books, operas and some news about political. Although is not the official radio station, it prepared for the official Belgrade radio station in 1929. And only one year, there are over 23500 people registered people and it keeps a good status until now. The programs about the radio station inherited the “Rakovica” and there is 60% music program, 13% education program, 13% literature program, 2% opera or news about political.

Serbian broadcasting industry development situation analysis:

From the statistics of the Republic of Serbia National Broadcaster showed in 2011: There are 321 official radio stations, include two republic radio stations which are Radio-Television Serbia, RTS and Radio-Television Vojvodina, RTV. That is very surprised for the Serbia because it only 7000000 people.

In first half of the 2012, there are 44.1% Serbian listen to the radio everyday and the age between 30 from 44. With the development of Internet, more and more Serbian will use Internet to listen to the radio. And there is a surprising data that 80% Serbian use the Internet to listen to the live, which is much higher than other European countries.

Broadcasting in Serbia is about to change. In July 2015 the country will switch to digital television, one of the last European countries to do so and three years behind schedule. The delay was due to a combination of the economic crisis and two consecutive elections. And when it happens, rather than leading to more choice, digital switchover is likely to force Serbia’s overcrowded media market to shrink, as local broadcasters compete for a limited number of digital licenses……

This link is the International Broadcast radio website.

Serbian Radio

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