Things to know about the state of media in Serbia

– “Media freedom in Serbia is under threat”. (2014)

– “Journalists are summoned and websites are blocked”. (Smiljana Vukojičić Obradović, 2014)

– Websites were blocked, servers attacked, and Twitter accounts hijacked in Serbia last weekend in a cyber assault on tech hobbyists and “geeks” in Belgrade. 5 Feb 2014

– A viral video mocking Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic’s recent attempt to present himself as a “man of the people” on national news.

– Media workers in Serbia have felt a steady wave of harassment and thug-like behavior by Serbia government

Journalist Milena Knezevic wrote for Index on Censorship earlier in 2014:

“Index has tracked the media freedom situation in Serbia since the early days of the current government. There have been reports of a journalist being interrogated by police for sharing a Facebook post, as well as physical and verbal attacks — often with impunity. But indirect control of media, smear campaigns and other methods of covert “soft censorship” also pose a serious challenge to Serbian press freedom. “Milošević never muzzled the media this perfidiously. His methods were far less sophisticated and everything was out in the open,” said Beckovic [a prominent journalist]. And it seems her colleagues agree that censorship is prevalent. Ninety per cent of journalists responding to a recent survey said censorship and self-censorship does exist in Serbian media, while 73% and 95%, respectively, said the media does not report objectively and critically”.

  • The silent crackdown of media in Serbia
  • popular talk show “Impression of the Week” , “Sarapa’s problem”
  • Journalists and editors routinely avoid reporting on these matters in media, with most living in daily fear of losing their livelihoods, which usually amount to a monthly net salary of between EU 250 and 300.
Things to know about the state of media in Serbia

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