3D film

3D technology become a very great trend to develop, the CEO of DreamWorks Animation, Jeffrey Katzenberg called the 3D technology is “70 years since the film industry’s greatest innovations”. If we called the first innovation is from silent movie to sound film, and the second innovation is from black and white film to color film, now, we ushered in the third field of innovation that from 2D to 3D.

“Avatar” was released as a milestone in the development of the film, the film marks the world was swept into a wave of 3D movies, the process of 3D movie world and therefore greatly accelerated. It gives the audience an immersive stereoscopic movie experience and become further extended movie dreaming; novel three-dimensional feel the audience is willing to pay a higher price to watch 3D movies; 3D movies more effectively eliminate piracy phenomenon, protect the interests of film investors, producers and cinema.

3D movies has demonstrated its great charm, theoretically the two eyes to see things always stronger than the one eye, 3D movie that should shape the future of mainstream movies. However, there is always a gap between theory and reality, 3D movies biggest drawback is that the viewer must wear glasses to see three-dimensional effect, which greatly hindered the popularity of 3D movies. Many people are very annoying when watching movies so wearing a pair of glasses, especially when there are problems with your eyes, you need to wear glasses, the two pairs of spectacles on a nose, overwhelmed by it when, for a long time the eye will make people tired, dizzy, so much for watching 3D movies myopia over time it becomes a pain than pleasure.

Serbia’s remarkable film in the history of world cinema, the film is now recovering in Serbia, development of the film market still has a huge space, although at a stage of rapid development, but the film industry size is not large, compared to the entire media the state of the industry’s revenue, the economic benefits of the film industry also belong to low-level, to accelerate the pace of reform in terms of the film industry, the Serbian movie will get a substantial prospect.

Enormous economic benefits only appearance, we still need to realize that the film lies in the creation of art, is a collection of scripts, directors, actors and other factors of cultural expressions, we want to fully explore the allocation of resources within the current field of study conduct a deeper inquiry related to camera technology and learning, to create a better visual effect; at the same time, the film’s content image-building is very important. Under the guidance of 3D technology, our senses have been shocking, vibrant artistic expression from the rich artistic connotation; on this basis, in order to fully demonstrate the 3D technology is a means to highlight artistic creation on film.

Serbia’s 3D film industry is still at a basic level, some of the inevitable contradictions and shortcomings, both of these problems also help constrain the future direction of the Serbian movie. An important cornerstone for the development of 3D movies is to develop a filmmaker with a distinctive international outlook and Serbia, only with their wide field of vision to lead Serbia into the world of 3D movies.

In short, today’s rise in visual entertainment, 3D movie inspired the people’s demand for the film, will lead the development of world cinema, there are many in this regard need to work to improve. Continuous learning in order to promote the continuous development of our pace in the emerging film industry, so fast to keep up with the process of Serbia advanced countries develop and strengthen innovative 3D movie career.

However, it will damage our eyes when we watch the 3D movie. With the rapidly growing popularity of 3D technology, many children’s movies begin with “3D” in the form boarded the screen, however, the Italian supreme Healthcare Commission has decided to ban the use of children under 6 years stereoscopic 3D glasses to watch movies, play 3D movies in theaters at the same time The time should be set up break. According to an Italian consumer groups said, Milan, Italy, a 3-year-old girl a few days ago in a theater wearing stereoscopic glasses eye irritation after watching the movie. The group also said to have used a 3D cinema glasses usually are not rigorous disinfection, easily spread skin diseases and eye diseases, and may even lead to the forehead audience Health herpes, but there is not enough evidence to show that they do not affect vision. Second time watching 3D movies may appear headache and blurred vision and so on. When watching 3D movies, people’s eyes will stop automatically adjust to fit the contents of the screen, so it is easy to cause visual fatigue. Because children are still in the developmental stage, the more vulnerable the eye of the structure relative to adults, so the greater the likelihood of discomfort. So when children should not be sitting watching 3D movies too far forward position, after a period of time should be allowed to watch the eyes a rest. Also should teach children to consciously blink while watching a movie, alleviate eye fatigue.

Remove glasses, and is now under a key topic of 3D technology, there are already some appliance manufacturers to develop some do not wear glasses can see three-dimensional images of the TV, the other scientists are also trying to make use of three-dimensional holographic imaging technology to achieve effect, which has been successfully used in a number of large-scale events. In theater, the American Real D announced within 10 years to let the audience off stereoscopic 3D glasses to watch movies directly to that time, the audience will be more convenient to watch 3D movies and comfortable.

3D film

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