Transformation of journalism in Serbia

Along with social change from socialism to capitalism, Serbian journalism has been transformed. After stage of experiencing ideological liberation and political pluralism, journalism values and communication concept split apart, and gradually closed up with West. Transformation from concept of public opinion’s tool to concept of fourth power, from propagating certer to having masses as its center, from mouthpiece function to concept of entertainment and commercialization, revealed that western liberal concept has had great influence on Serbian journalism. However, having politics of liberal principles and economic reforms constantly failed, and moreover fettering of Serbian traditional culture and deep-routed ideas, mass media swayed in front of complex reality. Actually, giving up traditional and becoming completely westernized, or combining these two with its own national characteristics, is not only a question which Serbian politicians should answer but at the same time is reality that journalism has to face. Liberalism didn’t bring to Serbia Western prosperity, and it didn’t make Serbian media experience development. Old concept and theory have already been broken, new theory has not yet been found. Changing its values, Serbian mass media with great difficulties seeks for ways of development appropriate to itself.

Serbian mass media has undergone great changes in Europe, experiencing from socialism to capitalism, the great social change. Serbian journalists experienced the chaos of emancipation and pluralistic political thought at the beginning of reforms in various suffer psychologically intense impact of social change, their news values and dissemination of ideas through a time of fission, and gradually move closer to the West. But in order to change the principle of liberal political and economic system continues to fail in Serbia, the Serbian community in chaos, the mass media on the one hand continue to reflect the complexity of social reality, on the one hand and continue to be affected. What is the West to abandon the traditional round or a combination of reality and take a path of its own national characteristics, which is not only Serbian politicians need to answer the question, but also the media must face the reality, not the liberal west with Serbia prosperous way, the mass media in Serbia to accept Western liberal press theory influence also constantly reflect on the history of the old concepts and theories have been broken, a new theory has not yet formed, the Serbian mass media concept of suffering in Evolution Bitter finding a path for their own development

After a variety of media and political changes in Serbia, after a tortuous development process, is still in the midst of restructuring, attention to this issue has important theoretical and practical significance. I believe that in the near future, the Serbian media, the new era will be in a new and more relaxed appearance in front of the world, to create a world the clear crystal of news and information, and for the protection of citizens’ right to information, improve information disclosure system to make due contributions

Transformation of journalism in Serbia

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