Escapism Through Literature

The children in Serbia have been bombarded with information upon information about the history of Serbia. This can sometimes start to feel overwhelming for children to take in, so by reading Uros Petrovic books they can take themselves into their own world where they can gain a sense of who they are through their imagination. Growing up we get lost in a world that manipulates our minds to think in a certain way as we are always being told what is right and what is wrong so by reading Uros’s books on epic fantasies it allows Serbian children to create their own sense of identity with their own imagination.

By indulging in to an epic horror fantasy it takes the mind into a place where individuals are allowed to identify their own cultural aspects. The layers that are now covering up the truth is only restricting young peoples minds to explore the real world.

In the paper of Constructing Identity, Identity construction by Susan J.Dowling she is trying to identify the affects her visual arts have on her audience. Through doing this she discovers that “A large part of self-understanding is the search for appropriate personal metaphors that make sense of our lives.” (29: 2011). So we connect with what we read and see by picking out what relates most to our personal thoughts and then from this individuals will form their own imagination. Dowling suggests that the more understanding we have of these metaphors is how we can then begin to understand the construction of our identity.

Uros Petrovic applies these same techniques when writing his books as he is allowing his audience to construct their own identity through what they read as this may be of more comfort to those children rather than having to live in the reality which is being forced onto them.

The personal metaphors that the children are relating to through Uros’s books is taking them away from the fakeness of their reality, as growing up they will become confused with what teachers, families or the media tells them. Serbian children now have to grow up in a world in which they have no true understanding of so their only escapism is now through visual arts and literature.

Dowling explains in her paper how “sometimes we quietly hide parts of our identity and other times we loudly project it”. (2:2011). Serbian children use the books as a form of escapism to create their own identity to find their true selves whereas the identity that they project is the identity which has been controlled and is not off their own accord. Two different types of identities have been created but the goal should be to allow Serbian children to express their personal identities out loud.


Dowling J, Susan. (7/10/2011) Constructing Identity, Identity Construction. [Accessed from][27/04/2015]

Escapism Through Literature

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