Starting from Zero: the Collective Identity of Serbian Journalists

Esmé Spurling

[S]he knew how to identify the political problems in our country and they just shut her down[…] but I think it was our government.” – Lena, [22] Journalism student Belgrade University Faculty of Political Sciences (2015)

As an individual with an interest in sensitive research topics, and an aspiring journalist, I remain conscious to the importance of consistent ethical consideration of participants when collecting data. Consequently, during Starting from Zero research project, I became focused on journalists in Serbia whose values and collective responsibilities have become censored by the government. I became confronted by the power of media distribution by the government whilst conducting a focus group with Belgrade’s University students at the Faculty of Political Sciences (2015).

Expanding on the above quote from Lena [22] student, who recognises established Serbian journalist, Olja Bećković, and her previous position in power of discussing topical political issues on her previous…

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Starting from Zero: the Collective Identity of Serbian Journalists